Young Elk Ranch

Chalk Mountain , TX


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Young Elk Ranch.

Year round hunting is now available only 75 minutes Southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex at the Young Ranch. The rolling hills, valleys, and hill country of the Young Ranch have plenty of room for hunters so you never feel crowded.

The Young Ranch offers superb hunting for quality elk, without traveling to Colorado. Some people don’t realize Texas has trophy elk. In the early 1700’s, Texas was full of elk. There are several written accounts from Army calvery men about the large number of elk seen in the same area that we have repopulated.

Before fences and hunting pressure, elk migrated from high in the Rockies all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. We believe this to be true since our herd has done so well. That’s the reason we are offering this limited number of our overstocked premium quality ELK BULLS. Young Ranch has over 2,000 acres of the best hunting and natural habitat that the Hill County has to offer.

Picture yourself here. These guys could be in your sights and in your freezer. There is no need to travel outside of Texas to hunt quality Elk. We will put our animals up against anyone . . . anywhere. The large body size and heavy antlers will really get your heart pumping. Remember that first case of buck fever you got on that trophy whitetail? Well get ready cause it’s going to happen again. When you put one of our ELK BULLS in your sights, you are going to get that "old feeling" again.

These pure bred Rocky Mountain Elk are second to none in the north American continent. We have had hunters and breeders come to the Ranch and agree that these animals are every bit as big as the ones in Colorado. The secret is in the feed program. No, we do not have a feed lot situation, we do supplement their natural feed with a high quality feed program which makes them into solid healthy animals with a rack like a tree on their head.

Don’t take our word for it, just come see for yourself.

We know you will agree.